If you are remodeling the kitchen you will need to choose a sink and an undermount style is a popular choice so today we will examine its pros and cons.

Traditional kitchen sinks drop in and rest on top of the counter. However, undermount sinks — a growing trend in the last few years — sit under the countertop’s surface, creating a continuous flow from countertop to sink.

Pro: Undermount Sinks Are Clean

Seamless looks are in and look sleek and modern. Undermount sinks attach to the underside of the countertop. Because of this, there’s no raised edge or lip on the top of the counter, where food and debris might collect so they are easier to clean and keep clean.

Con: Undermount Sinks Can Fail if Installed Incorrectly

Professional installation is vital in an undermount sink. That means clips or straps need to be part of the process not just silicone.

The proper way to install an undermount sink involves screwing it into the countertop to properly secure the sink. Failure to mount the kitchen sink properly could result in it dropping. An effect that can happen gradually over time.

Pro: Undermount Sinks are Desirable for Resale

The undermount style has surged in popularity and are often seen as a premium to homebuyers . If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, an undermount sink is a good investment for resale.

Con: Undermount Price

Undermount sinks can be more expensive than drop ins. That being said there are a wide variety of price options that are available.

Pro: Undermount Faucet Placement

Faucets can be conveniently placed in any location with undermount sinks. Many don’t come with pre-drilled holes like overmount sinks usually do, which allows you to place the faucet in the most convenient location.

Wrap Up

Undermount sinks are all the rage right now, but they also are very practical for a kitchen no matter what your budget.

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Sink


Whenever you undertake a kitchen improvement project, you will be faced with many choices including what is the best sink for my needs. Here are a few things to think about.


Cast iron or stainless steel? Composite or porcelain? There are pros and cons to each.

Stainless steel is a popular choice. It fits in nearly every style of kitchen, and is durable to boot. While the metal can be scratched, it can also be buffed out. Newer stainless steel sinks aren't as noisy as you might remember, and they're generally easy to clean.

Porcelain sinks are beautiful, and come in many color choices. They work well in traditional-style kitchens. However, they need to be treated gently, as they can chip or scuff easily.

Composite sinks are resistant to scratches and chips, and they don't even show water marks. They're easy to take care of, but some can be expensive.

Cast iron sinks are durable and less noisy than some other sinks. They also come in several different colors.


A Double Sink by Today's Designer Kitchens.


The two-bowl sink is what we all grew up with, and it made sense. It used to be that dishes were washed by hand, so people needed a washing sink and a rinsing sink. With dishwashers, that need is no longer so there are more options.

One single kitchen sink basin is gaining popularity. It's attractive and offers a streamlined look. Plus, it's versatile, and it allows for a lot to go on at once. You can also buy add-ons to make food prep easier.

Two basin sinks are still an option, but you also have the choice of choosing between two equal-sized basins or two basins of differing sizes. Dual basins with a smaller sink allow for food prep to happen at the same time as cleanup. But the smaller basin isn't ideal for soaking large pots or pans. Two basins of equal size give you a symmetrical design, and allow for soaking while prepping or washing.

Triple-bowl sinks give you two large bowls, with a small basin in the middle for food prep.


Rounded corners. Farmhouse. Self-rimming sinks. And more. You'll want to spend some time on Google and Pinterest to discover the many styles available to you. Here are some popular ones:

  • The farmhouse sink. This sink is beautiful and makes a statement.

  • Self-rimming sinks are durable and affordable

  • Undermount sinks are gaining popularity because they create a seamless look from countertop to sink. They're also easy to clean.

  • Integrated quartz sinks. If you're opting for quartz countertops, see if your manufacturer offers integrated sinks. They offer a unique, seamless look.

  • Prep sinks. These are secondary sinks that are often installed in the island. Accessories make them very utilitarian.

Whatever sink you choose, make sure you select a remodeling company who will treat your home with care, use only the best techniques, and will help you make the best decisions for the way you cook and live.

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Farmhouse Sinks – Things You Might Not Know!

farmhouse sink on charcoal grey kitchen
farmhouse sink on charcoal grey kitchen

A classic farmhouse sink is a very popular choice with our customers right now (as seen in one of our Step Charcoal Grey Kitchens here)

Farmhouse sinks are beautiful, but before you make the choice on this pricey kitchen feature, there are a few factors you should consider that a lot of folks don't know so let's explore.

Dishes Will Break More Easily

The deep basin of a farmhouse sink—the same reason this style sink is ideal for washing dishes—makes it more likely you'll accidentally break glasses and dishes knocked over into the porcelain bowl.

It Will Get Stained (And Potentially Chip) 

If you opt for a classic white porcelain farmhouse sink, it's very likely to get stained, and it will require regular cleaning to keep it sparkling. Scrubbing the sink with baking soda will help remove sauce stains, yet this mild abrasive won't scratch the surface. If you don't want to commit to cleaning your sink often, you may want to consider getting a farmhouse-style sink in another material besides porcelain, such as stainless steel.

There Are Other Options Besides Porcelain

When you think of a farmhouse sink, it's likely a pristine white porcelain one that comes to mind. But there are many other options available, so be sure to pick one that best matches your kitchen design and lifestyle.

For example, stainless steel is durable and won't chip like porcelain. Copper is another popular option for its beautiful colour. If you want the look of porcelain but at a slightly lower cost and with less maintenance, fireclay could be your best bet. A polished marble farmhouse sink adds a luxurious look to a kitchen, but it comes at a higher price and will need to be resealed every few years.

A Fire clay Sink below in a Off White Cabinet is stunning and functional.


Consider Your Kitchen Habits Before Choosing Single vs. Double Basin

As with many types of sinks, farmhouse sinks come in both single- and double-bowl designs. This choice should be considered as carefully as the sink material. Think about the way you cook and dish wash. Do you do a lot of food prep in your sink? A large single-bowl sink could be the right choice. Do you like to tackle some of the dishes while dinner is cooking? A double-basin sink that lets you wash dishes on one side without disturbing the rinsed salad greens on the other side could be for you.

Counter tops

If you're planning to upgrade to a farmhouse sink in your current kitchen, you may have to change your counter tops. Because farmhouse sinks are wider and deeper than standard sinks, your counter top (and potentially the cabinets below) will need to be adjusted to make room. And if you're installing a heavy porcelain or stone option, you'll need to check that the cabinets below can handle the weight, or else they may need to be reinforced.

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