Is European Kitchen Design Right for Your Home?

Todays Designer Kitchens Euroline-Ultra-2000x1200 Is European Kitchen Design Right for Your Home?

European kitchen design is on trend and features beautiful minimalism, but is it the right choice for your home?

Less is more in a European kitchen. They are designed to be sleek in design. Homes in Europe are smaller and so are kitchens, therefore the focus is on functionality and efficiency. Kitchen cabinets are no exception. In order to maximize space, European kitchen cabinets are often simple. They feature flat surfaces, flush doors, little to no hardware and do not have many decorations or “frills”.

European kitchens have frame-less construction – or full overlay. This means, cabinets are constructed without a face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box. All that is visible are flat door and drawer fronts. This frame-less construction offers a seamless look while maximizing space as there is no divider in between the cabinets. Because of this frame-less construction, hinges and hardware are often hidden – adding to the seamless, streamlined aesthetic.


North American cabinets tend to be larger and more ornate, with a focus on aesthetics and style.

Todays Designer Kitchens euroline-basix-shaker-1024x576 Is European Kitchen Design Right for Your Home?

European cabinets are usually crafted from premium materials like solid wood or MDF. * They are intended to be highly practical. They have little decorative features, with a focus on practicality and functionality. European cabinets are designed to maximize space and provide ample storage without taking up too much room.

*Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming it into panels by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF is generally denser than plywood. It is made up of separated fibres but can be used as a building material similar in application to plywood.

Todays Designer Kitchens Euroline-basix-slab-1024x576 Is European Kitchen Design Right for Your Home?

Materials Used

Materials used for European cabinets are tough, sturdy, and can endure regular use without getting damaged easily. Many European cabinets are also designed to be eco-friendly, focusing on using sustainable materials and minimizing waste.


One of the key features of European cabinets is their functionality. These items are created to make the most of available space and offer sufficient storage without occupying too much area. Many European cabinets are also designed to be highly customizable, with various storage options and configurations available.


To choose your home cabinets, it’s important to know the distinction between European and American cabinets. European cabinets are typically more functional and practical, while American cabinets are often more ornate and decorative. In the end, deciding between these two styles is based on what you personally prefer and what your home requires. By exploring the differences between these two styles, you can create a kitchen space that truly reflects your style and taste.

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Todays Designer Kitchens image Is European Kitchen Design Right for Your Home?

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Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today

Todays Designer Kitchens living-room-gef24088f0_640 Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today

Here are the top five must have items that we include in kitchens that we build today.

A kitchen is a space that has a great deal of unique features for every household but there are some items that always seem to make the list. Here they are:

Kitchen Islands

Where islands in a kitchen were once limited to large open concept kitchens, there are now many choices in styles and sizes.

Kitchens have become entertainment hubs as well as cooking centres which also make them ideal for installing in a kitchen renovation.

Todays Designer Kitchens sswnew Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today
A simple and cozy island addition by Today’s Kitchens in a contrasting Java colour.


Functional kitchens are what people love and pantries keep everything organized and streamlined.

Walk in pantries are a very popular ask these days and make cooking a breeze while keeping the clutter out of the main kitchen space.

Todays Designer Kitchens pantry-g59a357789_640 Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today

White Cabinets

There is something timeless and desirable when it comes to white kitchens!

Our company carries many colours and styles and yet year after year it is the white kitchens that are always the most popular.

White keeps a kitchen light and bright and the good thing about the colour is that there are many shades of white to choose from as well as door styles, so it still is not a one size fits all.

White also pairs perfectly with almost every home’s décor as well as contrasting well with other cabinet colours for a mix and match look.

Todays Designer Kitchens bw Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today
Bermuda White Cabinets by Today’s Designer Kitchens

Double Door Fridge Freezers

An American style fridge freezer is different to most tall fridge freezers as they feature double doors that open from the middle outwards, rather than a single door. This is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘side by side American fridge freezers’ or a ‘double door fridge freezer’. Whatever you call them, we call them the most popular and practical fridge style today in kitchens!

Todays Designer Kitchens kitchen-gf1dc1516a_640 Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today

A Coffee Maker Station

Creating not only an area where your coffee maker will sit, but an actual station is a great idea that we add on to many renovation projects for coffee lovers.

Todays Designer Kitchens coffee-gf20e0096a_640 Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today

Having everything in one area makes mornings hassle free and planning for a good amount of uncluttered counterspace in the area is a wonderful addition as well.


Thinking of a kitchen renovation and looking for some professional guidance? We specialize in just that. Please contact us for a free home estimate today!

Todays Designer Kitchens Todays-Designer-Kitchens-1.1-pncyjpjsim7we8fxhed51bbdc6cr22xivn6oavtb54 Top Five Must Haves in Kitchens Today

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Is A Grey Kitchen Right for You?

Todays Designer Kitchens fog_grey_view_2 Is  A Grey Kitchen Right for You?

The popular trend for grey cabinets began in 2018 and contiunes today, so we will explore the colour to see if it’s right for you.

Get Away from Traditional

These days, a growing number of homeowners are shifting from traditional white or brown cabinetry into choosing grey color schemes in their kitchen because it is unique, neutral and adds a timeless sophistication to any home. If you are feeling like something new in the kitchen, grey may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Todays Designer Kitchens fog3 Is  A Grey Kitchen Right for You?
Fog Grey


Grey coloured kitchens form the backdrop for creating a sense of calm and tranquility in an otherwise busy space. The colour grey has an elegant and formal appeal which conforms well to any design scheme and because of its neutrality is easy to combine with other accents like paint colour, hardware, etc.

How to Pair Grey Cabinets with Accents

Todays Designer Kitchens SCG-modern-kitchen-view-2-1-1024x525 Is  A Grey Kitchen Right for You?
Step Shaker Charcoal Grey

Understanding how to properly mix and match your kitchen cabinetry with other elements is important for a good design outcome. Here are some ideas:

o Incorporate natural materials such as granite or marble countertops, wood or stone flooring or add simple touches of potted plants and flowers. The beauty of nature is a perfect way to infuse life, and natural accent into your grey kitchen.

o Combine your grey kitchen cabinets with a unique backsplash to spice things up. A backsplash such as the subway tiles, modern chevron, or a dot-patterned tile will create a fabulous sleek and modern design concept.

o Enhance your kitchen with rich textures of curtains and window treatments; this can soften and give a welcoming feeling into your grey kitchen.

o To add some subtle excitement, break up the upper and lower kitchen cabinetry by combining your grey cabinets with another neutral color such as white for the upper cabinets. By doing so, it will give your kitchen a high-end look and a feeling of luxury.

Todays Designer Kitchens cropped-cropped-SSW-and-FG-kitchen-1-scaled-1-1-1024x614 Is  A Grey Kitchen Right for You?
Step Shaker White

Lots of Flexibility with Hardware Colours

Todays Designer Kitchens london-fog Is  A Grey Kitchen Right for You?
London Fog

Silver is usually the most common and traditional hardware used with grey kitchen cabinetry, this works especially well with cooler grey tones kitchen cabinets.

Another stylish touch for grey kitchen cabinets is to add leather handles which can make even the off-the-shelf units look high-end.

Blue-grey kitchen cabinets looks elegant especially paired with metallic tone hardware like nickel or silver.

Dark grey kitchen cabinets are simply stunning when paired with a black finish handles and drawer pulls.


One of the reasons why you would want to use grey cabinets is because the colour does not show dirt as white does. White cabinets have dominated the home design landscape for quite some time; however, grey cabinets tend to be a bit more forgiving.

Wrap Up

Grey is a fantastic and practical choice for a modern beautiful kitchen that blends well with almost any accents and is very forgiving to wear and tear.

Need advice in your kitchen renovation? Today’s Designer Kitchens offer free expert estimates and full service renovations in the Niagara area. Please contact us and we would be pleased to assist with your project.

Todays Designer Kitchens site-icon Is  A Grey Kitchen Right for You?

Today’s Designer Kitchens is a family owned company located in St. Catharines, ON that can expertly and affordably bring your home remodeling dreams to reality. We service the entire Niagara Region.

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Classic Kitchens are Back

Todays Designer Kitchens P38-AW-kitchen-set-scaled Classic Kitchens are Back
Todays Designer Kitchens P38-AW-kitchen-set-1024x576 Classic Kitchens are Back
Picture above: an Antique White Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

The classic or traditional style kitchen is a popular trend we are seeing in renovations now so we are going to explore what that is and why it may be a good choice for your household.

In the last few years, modern, all-white kitchens were a thing, but their popularity has shifted to classic kitchens that give off more of an inviting feel with a timeless appeal.

Todays Designer Kitchens SSW-and-FG-kitchen-2-683x1024 Classic Kitchens are Back
A Step Shaker White and Fog Grey Cabinet Combo by Today’s Designer Kitchens

Given that the kitchen tends to be the focal point of one’s home, it should be functional but also warm and homey. With classic-style kitchens, it’s all about details which can include things like built in wine racks, unique handles, shaker style cabinets and glass-pane cabinet panels.

Integrating the trend: Opting for shaker style cabinets is a great starting point. You can also consider brass handles or knobs for the cabinetry.

With classic kitchens, we typically see rich colours as well like a classic walnut or if you like the brightness of white, choosing a shade that is off white or creamy white.

Todays Designer Kitchens Walnut-kitchen-1-1-1024x626 Classic Kitchens are Back
Walnut Kitchen by Today’s

Classic kitchens also look great with traditional countertop choices. Marble is a great choice on the higher end of the price point spectrum, however we also install a lot of laminate that is made to look like a classic marble, but comes in at a much lower price point. White is the go-to for a classic look.

Todays Designer Kitchens laminate-1024x768 Classic Kitchens are Back
A laminate counter top (Calcutta Marble)

Other Accessories

Tile: When it comes to a backsplash tile in a classic kitchen, a simple white subway tile looks fantastic, but also comes in many shades if you prefer and ultimately is a great budget choice.

Lighting: Warm lighting and pendants give off a great glow to a classic kitchen’s ambience.

Paint Colour: Soft neutral tones do best in a classic style. We do a lot of off white, but pale greens and greige (beige and grey combined) are also a very popular choice right now.

Floors: Porcelain tile is a very durable kitchen floor choice and also comes in a great deal of styles that will complement a traditional kitchen and leave you with years of long lasting beauty. Wood floors are less durable, but also a classic and gorgeous choice.

Personal Details: A traditional kitchen can be a great backdrop to showcase your favourite dishes, vases, ornaments, you get the idea.

Todays Designer Kitchens P-37-SSW-kitchen-with-SCG-island-and-rangehood-2-1024x576 Classic Kitchens are Back
A classic Step Shaker White Kitchen with Glass Panels by Today’s Designer Kitchens


Traditional kitchens are ultimately a great choice because they are chameleons. You can take the same kitchen and completely change its look by mixing in modern bar stools or lighting, or industrial bar stools and lighting, or traditional — you get the idea.

Final Thoughts

The traditional kitchen is a fantastic choice of style for most households and will never go out of style.

At Today’s Designer Kitchens we have a kitchen for every taste and budget and would love to assist you in making your kitchen an amazing space in your home.

It all starts with a no obligation quote by filling out a form online.

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How to Design a Social Kitchen

Todays Designer Kitchens kitchen-3689917_640 How to Design a Social Kitchen
Todays Designer Kitchens kitchen-3689917_640 How to Design a Social Kitchen

The kitchen transforms into whatever you need it to be. It’s got many practical uses, but with a few design hints it can also become a great social space.

If you have a kitchen with a layout that doesn’t easily permit groups and activity, consider these design ideas to transform it into a more social space.

Kitchen Islands and Carts

A stationary island or a rolling cart can instantly create a more social kitchen and  gathering spot for all your friends and family.  They come in a wide variety of sizes, price points and styles and can add more storage and counter space as well.

Open Plan Ideas

The open floor plan is the ultimate in creating a social environment making it easy for traffic to flow in and out of every area.

But, if you’re not into having all that open space, or want more distinction between rooms you could incorporate half-walls with shelves into the design or consider a glass cabinet or wall which gives the impression of open space but still allows for division of space.

Todays Designer Kitchens qtq80-hIgY3H-300x200 How to Design a Social Kitchen

Durable Materials

A social kitchen means you’re getting a lot of use out of the space. To be sure you can entertain for years to come, you’ll want to select materials that are durable with crowd proof features like hard wearing Quartz counters, soft close hinges and even stainless steel appliances.

Seating Options

Sit-down furniture, such as chairs, stools and benches can create social zones.

For example,  banquette seating in the kitchen makes a convenient spot for everyone that prompts discussions and conversations, or a breakfast nook adds a welcoming spot for smaller groups.

Thinking about how you could make your kitchen more entertainment-friendly? For additional social kitchen design ideas, schedule a FREE appointment with a Today’s Designer Kitchens expert today.

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How to Create a Traditional Style Kitchen

Todays Designer Kitchens traditional How to Create a Traditional Style Kitchen

A traditional kitchen is a beautiful and sought after kitchen style.

First off it’s important to not confuse a traditional kitchen with Old World or country style. Although, like the other two, the traditional kitchen design style is warm and classic, with elements of English and French taste, the colour palettes are different.

Todays Designer Kitchens Antique-White-kitchen-set-1-1024x528 How to Create a Traditional Style Kitchen
Antique White Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

For example, instead of the brighter blues and golds you’d find in an Old World design, the traditional kitchen has soft, muted colors: creams, whites, taupes, light grays or greens.

Part of its charm, like country, is that it brings the outdoors in, so patterns can include things like plants or birds for example and the shades of nature. Natural materials on the cupboards and floors also complement the look of a traditional kitchen as do materials like marble, brick, stone and even wood on the back splash giving the kitchen a “handcrafted “ look.

Todays Designer Kitchens Walnut-kitchen-1-1024x626 How to Create a Traditional Style Kitchen
Walnut Glaze Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

To create the traditional look, here are a few top tips:

  • Clear the kitchen space of furniture that has no defined period style or ornamentation, and get rid of contemporary or modern pieces that have simple, straight lines. Replace this with a few period pieces that you love and build a design around those by adding molding and cabinet door trim that fit this particular style. Then mix that with compatible pieces from other periods for an eclectic blend.
  • Consider using a pattern when designing the flooring, such as a basket weave or random pattern with wood. If it’s stone, such as limestone, the irregular shapes of the natural stone itself can help create a more natural look and feel to the room.
  • Look for furnishings with carved legs, columns and turnings.
  • Use fabric to bring color into the room. Pick nature scenes for curtains and cushions and mix them with stripes, not geometric shapes or designs, which do not fit well with this style.
  • To create focal points wherever you look in the traditional kitchen, have fun with the knobs on cupboards by choosing different designs, shapes and colors for each door panel. Mix and match wood stains or paints.
  • Avoid streamlined hardware. Choose faucet fixtures and other hardware, such as light fixtures, that have shape and detail.
  • If you can afford to leave these out, skip anything made of lacquer, veneer or laminate.

The team at Today’s Designer Kitchens are experts in creating the kitchen of your dreams no matter what the style.

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