Popular Kitchen Trends that Look Amazing

Todays Designer Kitchens Bermuda-white-and-midnight-blue-V2-2000x1200 Popular Kitchen Trends that Look Amazing

There are several popular kitchen trends to consider if you are renovating your kitchen that are functional and look amazing.

Hidden Appliances

Concealing appliances within the cabinetry is a trick that has been around for years and now is on trend with many kitchen projects.

In most cases it involves using the same cabinetry fronts as the rest of the kitchen and concealing appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and more. The aesthetic result is more minimalistic and less cluttered which is preferable for some design tastes.

Sometimes this idea can be used for something called an “appliance garage” where all your appliances are concealed within the cupboards until you need to use them, thus minimizing the disorganized look.

Todays Designer Kitchens cabinet Popular Kitchen Trends that Look Amazing

Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets

These days, homeowners are open to taking more risks to make their kitchens more appealing.

There is a huge rise in two-toned painted cabinets or tuxedo.
Homeowners are using different but matching colors for the top and bottom doors for kitchen cabinets.

Some common combinations include navy blue and beige, a rich cream and light brown or black and white (the classic).

Todays Designer Kitchens Bermuda-white-and-midnight-blue-V1-1-1024x576 Popular Kitchen Trends that Look Amazing
A Step Shaker White and Midnight Blue Tuxedo Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

Mixed Hardware

Rather than matching all the handles, faucets, appliances and other accessories in the kitchen as usually done in the past, mixing different tones can look elegant, unique and ultimately beautiful when paired together.

Get inspired by your imagination and do not feel limited by trying to match every aspect of the kitchen.

Todays Designer Kitchens mix Popular Kitchen Trends that Look Amazing
Mixed Metals in the Kitchen – on point with today’s trends!

Unique Cabinet Colours

Gone are the days of a small handful of traditional colours for cabinetry. Bold and beautiful options like Charcoal Grey or Midnight Blue are very popular now and actually blend beautifully with all colour palettes in a home.

Todays Designer Kitchens SCG-modern-kitchen-view-3-1024x628 Popular Kitchen Trends that Look Amazing
Step Shaker Charcoal Grey


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Space Efficient Kitchen Design

Todays Designer Kitchens cropped-P-37-SSW-kitchen-with-SCG-island-and-rangehood-2-scaled-1 Space Efficient Kitchen Design

All great kitchens designs share a common characteristic—they are space-efficient.

If your kitchen isn’t well designed, every task, from cooking to cleaning to socializing, can be frustrating. Space-saving kitchens maximize the space you have and will look and function well.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen, now is the time to plan ahead and consider these design tips to maximize every inch that you have.

Increase Vertical Space.

Instead of building out, try building up. Consider stacked cabinets and/or tall cabinets. Glass inserts in cabinets can also add an illusion of space in a kitchen.

Consider hanging utensils, or wall-mounted spice and knife racks which use wall space instead of counter space which eliminates clutter.

Todays Designer Kitchens qtq80-0miS94-1024x686 Space Efficient Kitchen Design

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can add extra cabinetry, countertop space, preparation and cooking surfaces, etc. They can even house a second sink, oven, dishwasher, or whatever else you need. If you don’t have room for an island and don’t want to expand the space, you can always use a mobile island.

Todays Designer Kitchens Bermuda-white-and-midnight-blue-V1-1-1024x576 Space Efficient Kitchen Design

Two-tiered islands are also a consideration for a dining area option that could eliminate completely an extra dining table with chairs if desired, maximizing kitchen floor space.


Buy quality appliances. More modern appliances tend to be more compact—not to mention more energy-efficient and attractive—and can help you save space in your kitchen.

Install a top-bottom fridge and freezer, not a side-by-side model. Side-by-side refrigerators and freezers not only are less energy-efficient, but they also take up more space.


Use light paint colours that will add airiness and space in perception of the room.

Whatever colour you do use, consider mimicking the cabinet colour from the top of the cabinet to the ceiling to create the illusion of height in the ceiling.


Todays Designer Kitchens off-white-w-1024x768 Space Efficient Kitchen Design

Install bright white potlights in the ceiling with dimmers. Potlights bring the ceiling height up visually, are great for task lighting and can create ambient lighting when dimmed.


Use chairs without arms. You may not think it, but using chairs without arms can save a lot of room around the kitchen table. These are especially helpful in small kitchens where space is extra tight.

Wrap Up

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Todays Designer Kitchens site-icon Space Efficient Kitchen Design

Today’s Designer Kitchens is a family owned company located in St. Catharines, ON that can expertly and affordably bring your home remodeling dreams to reality. We service the entire Niagara Region.

We specialize in the renovation, home improvements and kitchen and bath industries, providing top quality products and services at competitive prices.

We are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction with the service and quality we offer with a streamlined process and fast turnarounds times.

We provide free home estimates and undertake work in all scopes and budget ranges.

Space Efficient Kitchen Design

Safely Renovating During COVID-19

Todays Designer Kitchens SSW-and-FG-kitchen-1-scaled Safely Renovating During  COVID-19

As COVID-19 has a lot of us spending time at home on a regular basis, you may have been considering the value of updating your surroundings but are unsure about the safety of renovating in these times.

Most of our area is in a current lockdown, however renovations have been proceeding prior to this and will likely resume shortly when things open up so we will discuss this topic today as it is one that is on the minds of many of our customers.

Todays Designer Kitchens P-37-SSW-kitchen-with-SCG-island-and-rangehood-2-1024x576 Safely Renovating During  COVID-19
A Step Shaker White and Charcoal Grey Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

The “Safety First” approach to remodeling
You are like many other homeowners who wonder if it is safe to remodel your home during a pandemic. Just the way other businesses are evolving to address the security needs of their clients, the remodeling industry is no exception. Once the pandemic was declared, Today’s Designer Kitchens put a process in place to improve the safety measures to ensure the health of clients, employees, and contractors. This policy took into account local and national governmental guidelines for safe business practices.

Todays Designer Kitchens qtq80-Is3EDO-1024x683 Safely Renovating During  COVID-19

Here are a few of the options we offer to keep it safe for our clients:

-limiting the number of contractors on site at one time

-wearing masks on the job

-disinfecting the work area

-creating barriers between the renovation area and the rest of the home space

-dedicating entrances to the work crew when possible

-maintaining social distancing to ensure the homeowner and crew are safe.

-offering virtual options for communication and estimates

Is now the right time to remodel your kitchen or another part of your home?
You have to be comfortable in your own home. A renovation in “normal” times is challenging enough. The good news is that innovative design/build companies that want to serve their clients are taking precautions and creating new ways to ensure families have peace of mind to proceed with a renovation and are safe during these times.

Todays Designer Kitchens P-42-lower-SSW-SCG-combo-laundry-set-1024x576 Safely Renovating During  COVID-19
A laundry renovation by Today’s

All of this being said, now is a perfect time to line up a professional design/build company for that kitchen renovation if you are comfortable with a project going on with safety protocols in place.

We can’t stress enough that if you are considering a renovation in the near future, making plans to start now by contacting us by email or phone is a great way to get ahead of the line ups that always occur when the pandemic restrictions subside.

Final Thoughts

There are opportunities to make a kitchen renovation (or any renovation) happen during the coronavirus. Doing so can improve your living environment so it is more enjoyable for you and your family, which is vital these days when you are spending more time at home. Mitigating health risk is something that the best renovation companies are taking seriously. Understanding the company’s health and safety policies is crucial to the health and well-being as you move forward with a renovation project to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Please contact us to find out more by calling: 905-641-2284 or filling out a form online.

Classic Kitchens are Back

Todays Designer Kitchens P38-AW-kitchen-set-scaled Classic Kitchens are Back
Todays Designer Kitchens P38-AW-kitchen-set-1024x576 Classic Kitchens are Back
Picture above: an Antique White Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

The classic or traditional style kitchen is a popular trend we are seeing in renovations now so we are going to explore what that is and why it may be a good choice for your household.

In the last few years, modern, all-white kitchens were a thing, but their popularity has shifted to classic kitchens that give off more of an inviting feel with a timeless appeal.

Todays Designer Kitchens SSW-and-FG-kitchen-2-683x1024 Classic Kitchens are Back
A Step Shaker White and Fog Grey Cabinet Combo by Today’s Designer Kitchens

Given that the kitchen tends to be the focal point of one’s home, it should be functional but also warm and homey. With classic-style kitchens, it’s all about details which can include things like built in wine racks, unique handles, shaker style cabinets and glass-pane cabinet panels.

Integrating the trend: Opting for shaker style cabinets is a great starting point. You can also consider brass handles or knobs for the cabinetry.

With classic kitchens, we typically see rich colours as well like a classic walnut or if you like the brightness of white, choosing a shade that is off white or creamy white.

Todays Designer Kitchens Walnut-kitchen-1-1-1024x626 Classic Kitchens are Back
Walnut Kitchen by Today’s

Classic kitchens also look great with traditional countertop choices. Marble is a great choice on the higher end of the price point spectrum, however we also install a lot of laminate that is made to look like a classic marble, but comes in at a much lower price point. White is the go-to for a classic look.

Todays Designer Kitchens laminate-1024x768 Classic Kitchens are Back
A laminate counter top (Calcutta Marble)

Other Accessories

Tile: When it comes to a backsplash tile in a classic kitchen, a simple white subway tile looks fantastic, but also comes in many shades if you prefer and ultimately is a great budget choice.

Lighting: Warm lighting and pendants give off a great glow to a classic kitchen’s ambience.

Paint Colour: Soft neutral tones do best in a classic style. We do a lot of off white, but pale greens and greige (beige and grey combined) are also a very popular choice right now.

Floors: Porcelain tile is a very durable kitchen floor choice and also comes in a great deal of styles that will complement a traditional kitchen and leave you with years of long lasting beauty. Wood floors are less durable, but also a classic and gorgeous choice.

Personal Details: A traditional kitchen can be a great backdrop to showcase your favourite dishes, vases, ornaments, you get the idea.

Todays Designer Kitchens P-37-SSW-kitchen-with-SCG-island-and-rangehood-2-1024x576 Classic Kitchens are Back
A classic Step Shaker White Kitchen with Glass Panels by Today’s Designer Kitchens


Traditional kitchens are ultimately a great choice because they are chameleons. You can take the same kitchen and completely change its look by mixing in modern bar stools or lighting, or industrial bar stools and lighting, or traditional — you get the idea.

Final Thoughts

The traditional kitchen is a fantastic choice of style for most households and will never go out of style.

At Today’s Designer Kitchens we have a kitchen for every taste and budget and would love to assist you in making your kitchen an amazing space in your home.

It all starts with a no obligation quote by filling out a form online.

We look forward to hearing from you and making 2021 the year of your dream kitchen!

Top Kitchen Reno Tips to Try in Your Home!

Todays Designer Kitchens qtq80-0miS94 Top Kitchen Reno Tips to Try in Your Home!
Todays Designer Kitchens qtq80-0miS94-1024x686 Top Kitchen Reno Tips to Try in Your Home!

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, here are our top tips to try in your home that are guaranteed to give you the most bang for your buck.

There are certain details in your kitchen that you just need to get right. Simple mistakes can cost you hundreds of dollars and affect the ultimate look of your kitchen space so here are some very practical ideas to consider.

If you are looking for suitable lighting solutions for your cabinetry, this is an excellent choice. With uplighting, you tend to create a source of ambient lighting that beautifies the space. This type of lighting works for kitchens that don’t have cabinetry that goes up the ceiling. It’s a nice way to give the kitchen a nice mood and warmth.

Pendant lighting in kitchens will never go out of style. The reason why it works so beautifully in kitchen islands is because it is both practical and adds aesthetic value. For pendant lighting to work in your kitchen, you must ensure it is installed properly. The ideal height for the pendant lights is 30 to 40 inches above the island countertop. As a rule of thumb, try not to measure the height of pendant lights from the ceiling and instead measure it from the countertop. This is because ceiling heights vary considerably and this can make a huge difference on how the pendant lighting appears.

One major mistake that homeowners make when renovating their kitchens is placing the microwave too low or too high. A good height would be 48 inches above the floor. This will ensure the appliance is easy to reach and also complement the rest in the kitchen.

You don’t have to go the traditional way and place a hood over the island. In fact, if you don’t want the range hood area near your cooktop to be the kitchen’s focal point, consider installing a ceiling hood. Ceiling hoods open up the space and give other elements like your beautiful backsplash an opportunity to stand out more.

Todays Designer Kitchens qtq80-8FQkR1-1024x679 Top Kitchen Reno Tips to Try in Your Home!

A larger range hood comes with two important advantages. For a start, it can help you to capture the odor and grease much better than a regularly sized hood. Secondly, it tends to open up the space visually by increasing the space between the hood and the cabinets. Simply choose a design you like for your range hood and go for a size that is larger than your range or cooktop.

The extra details such as your kitchen’s bar stools can make a big difference in its overall look. If you plan on sharing meals on the island, a bar stool with a back would do just fine. With proper back support, you should be able to comfortably enjoy a meal or do homework on the kitchen island.

With every kitchen renovation , consider details like these that count. Make sure you work out a budget beforehand and start planning for the renovation way in advance.

If you live in the Niagara Region and need assistance with your kitchen renovation be it big or small, our team at Today’s Designer Kitchens would be pleased to assist in every way and it all starts with a FREE in home estimate by calling us at 289-641-2284 or filling out the form HERE.

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