Why Dark Kitchen Cabinets May Be a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

Dark kitchen cabinets may be a great choice for your kitchen as they can offer coziness, elegance, drama and so much more so let’s discuss.


A dark cabinet will give a kitchen an immediate contemporary and cozy feel. Inky surfaces, like the ones in this elegant kitchen (main picture our newest Midnight Blue Collection), help enclose the space slightly to create an intimate feel.

Hides Imperfections

A dark surface can be more forgiving than a light one and won’t instantly show scuffs and stains. This makes dark cabinetry especially useful in busy households and will minimize cleaning time on a daily basis.

Contrasts Perfectly with White

If you’re going for a white countertop or white cabinetry for accents, contrasting it with a dark shade will have the most striking effect and makes the style of this kitchen pop as pictured below.

(Midnight Blue Cabinetry paired with Bermuda White Cabinetry).

Todays Designer Kitchens Bermuda-white-and-midnight-blue-V1-1024x576 Why Dark Kitchen Cabinets May Be a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

Luxury Finishes Blend well with Dark Cabinets

Dark colors look beautiful with metallic finishes, such as brass and copper, as this space by Today’s Designer Kitchens below illustrates. The dark blue cabinets complement, rather than clash with the brass and the two surfaces are wonderfully balanced, giving this room a feeling of understated luxury.

Todays Designer Kitchens midnight-blue-1 Why Dark Kitchen Cabinets May Be a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

Overall Style Appeal

For a dose of sophistication, you can’t beat dark cabinetry. Moody colors give a grown-up feel that can make a space feel seriously chic and unique.

Todays Designer Kitchens Bermuda-white-and-midnight-blue-V2-683x1024 Why Dark Kitchen Cabinets May Be a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

Wrap Up

If you are considering a kitchen renovation and love the warmth that a dark cabinet can add to the space, why not consider this beautiful alternative to the usual go-to white?

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Todays Designer Kitchens cropped-Todays-Designer-Kitchens-1.1-e1613237308173 Why Dark Kitchen Cabinets May Be a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

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