Corian, Quartz or Granite? Which is the Best for Your Kitchen?


Corian, Quartz and Granite have become three of the most popular countertops for our customers lately, but which is the best for you and your kitchen?

Comparing Kitchen Countertop Options
Quartz, granite and Corian® solid surfaces can be transformed into a range of countertop shapes and sizes to accommodate almost any kitchen space.

In terms of functionality and style, each one offers slightly different benefits including appearance, durability, maintenance and overall value.

Seamless Corian solid surface, made from an advanced mixture of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer can be installed with no visible seams which looks amazing.

Natural Granite is the top contender for style in terms of organic color and pattern. As a naturally occurring stone, minerals settle into each beautifully unique slab of granite, so every countertop is an original work of art.

Colours All three countertop material options offer a variety in colour. If you prefer a wider range of colours, corian solid surface and quartz are great options since they are both manufactured using man-made pigments and recycled materials.


Quartz is virtually indestructible and requires no sealing or special cleaning. Both quartz and Corian solid surfaces are non-porous, stain-resistant and extremely sanitary. Granite is also durable, but can still be prone to cracking, fissures and staining. And granite requires simple, but regular, sealing to maintain.


If eco-friendly materials and design in your home is important to you, here’s how each countertop material stacks up:

Quartz countertops are ultra-durable and slabs contain one of earth’s most prolific minerals, as well as pre- and post-consumer recycled content. They last pretty much forever.

Corian is not only durable, but repairable too. Because they are man-made, solid surfaces are don’t require the level of mining to produce, They also are easier to maintain than a lot of other materials too.

Granite is a natural product, and must be carefully mined and transported to avoid damage, which makes granite the lowest-tier option in terms of sustainability.

Walnut Glaze


In terms of overall price in today’s market, here is how these materials compare:

Quartz is usually the more expensive option, per square foot.

Corian is usually the in between price point and granite tends to be the least expensive material of the three, (with the exception of standard, solid-color Corian).

Wrap Up: Don’t forget, these three countertop surfaces are not your only options. Many of our customers love laminate which is very durable, cost effect and absolutely gorgeous with many style options available.

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Top Kitchen Reno Tips to Try in Your Home!

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, here are our top tips to try in your home that are guaranteed to give you the most bang for your buck.

There are certain details in your kitchen that you just need to get right. Simple mistakes can cost you hundreds of dollars and affect the ultimate look of your kitchen space so here are some very practical ideas to consider.

If you are looking for suitable lighting solutions for your cabinetry, this is an excellent choice. With uplighting, you tend to create a source of ambient lighting that beautifies the space. This type of lighting works for kitchens that don’t have cabinetry that goes up the ceiling. It’s a nice way to give the kitchen a nice mood and warmth.

Pendant lighting in kitchens will never go out of style. The reason why it works so beautifully in kitchen islands is because it is both practical and adds aesthetic value. For pendant lighting to work in your kitchen, you must ensure it is installed properly. The ideal height for the pendant lights is 30 to 40 inches above the island countertop. As a rule of thumb, try not to measure the height of pendant lights from the ceiling and instead measure it from the countertop. This is because ceiling heights vary considerably and this can make a huge difference on how the pendant lighting appears.

One major mistake that homeowners make when renovating their kitchens is placing the microwave too low or too high. A good height would be 48 inches above the floor. This will ensure the appliance is easy to reach and also complement the rest in the kitchen.

You don’t have to go the traditional way and place a hood over the island. In fact, if you don’t want the range hood area near your cooktop to be the kitchen’s focal point, consider installing a ceiling hood. Ceiling hoods open up the space and give other elements like your beautiful backsplash an opportunity to stand out more.

A larger range hood comes with two important advantages. For a start, it can help you to capture the odor and grease much better than a regularly sized hood. Secondly, it tends to open up the space visually by increasing the space between the hood and the cabinets. Simply choose a design you like for your range hood and go for a size that is larger than your range or cooktop.

The extra details such as your kitchen’s bar stools can make a big difference in its overall look. If you plan on sharing meals on the island, a bar stool with a back would do just fine. With proper back support, you should be able to comfortably enjoy a meal or do homework on the kitchen island.

With every kitchen renovation , consider details like these that count. Make sure you work out a budget beforehand and start planning for the renovation way in advance.

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If you are remodeling the kitchen you will need to choose a sink and an undermount style is a popular choice so today we will examine its pros and cons.

Traditional kitchen sinks drop in and rest on top of the counter. However, undermount sinks — a growing trend in the last few years — sit under the countertop’s surface, creating a continuous flow from countertop to sink.

Pro: Undermount Sinks Are Clean

Seamless looks are in and look sleek and modern. Undermount sinks attach to the underside of the countertop. Because of this, there’s no raised edge or lip on the top of the counter, where food and debris might collect so they are easier to clean and keep clean.

Con: Undermount Sinks Can Fail if Installed Incorrectly

Professional installation is vital in an undermount sink. That means clips or straps need to be part of the process not just silicone.

The proper way to install an undermount sink involves screwing it into the countertop to properly secure the sink. Failure to mount the kitchen sink properly could result in it dropping. An effect that can happen gradually over time.

Pro: Undermount Sinks are Desirable for Resale

The undermount style has surged in popularity and are often seen as a premium to homebuyers . If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, an undermount sink is a good investment for resale.

Con: Undermount Price

Undermount sinks can be more expensive than drop ins. That being said there are a wide variety of price options that are available.

Pro: Undermount Faucet Placement

Faucets can be conveniently placed in any location with undermount sinks. Many don’t come with pre-drilled holes like overmount sinks usually do, which allows you to place the faucet in the most convenient location.

Wrap Up

Undermount sinks are all the rage right now, but they also are very practical for a kitchen no matter what your budget.

If you are in need of a kitchen makeover and need some expert advice our team at Today’s Designer Kitchens would be pleased to give you a free in-home estimate.

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Renovating a Kitchen for Resale – Top Tips to Sell Your Home

Kitchen Cabinets

The real estate market is still hot right now and renovating a dated kitchen properly will help sell your home for top dollar so here are our top tips.


Keep the style and color scheme very simple. Neutral countertops, cabinets, floors, backsplashes and appliances are the best way to go.

Soft colours including whites, greys and cream are ideal and will appeal to the largest population of buyers PLUS make the most of a space making it appear bright and spacious.

Avoid eclectic styling choices even if they are appealing to yourself personally. This includes accents like lighting, hardware and tile choices.

Keep Decent Appliances

If the foundation of your kitchen looks great , slightly dated but functional appliances can often be kept as buyers can see beyond them and ultimately are viewed as an easy fix to replace.

Keeping your existing appliances can save a great deal of money and ultimately if you do want to change them consider purchasing upgrades that are used which can save thousands of dollars.

Talk to Your Local Pros

Ask a local real estate agent about kitchen must-haves in your neighborhood for kitchens according to the feedback that they have received from buyers. Find out what attracts buyers, and what repels them. A little research can go a long way to ensure you spend money only where you need to.

Get Economical Cabinetry

You can spend a lot on cabinetry and luxury features, but is it worth it for resale? Generally, no. Don’t cheap out, but avoid the highest end items and features.

Open Concept Still Highly Desirable

Open up the space. If you have a larger budget for your kitchen renovation and your floor plan is one that doesn’t allow the kitchen to flow to other spaces in the home, it could be worth your while to knock out a wall because open concept kitchens are still highly desirable for most buyers.

Granite is a Hit

Go for granite if you can swing it. No matter the price range of your home, buyers want to see granite countertops and it sells kitchens as well as elevates the entire look of the room.

Wrap Up

If you are selling and you have a dated kitchen, any upgrades will see a positive return on your investment, but spending a bit more and doing it right will make your home stand out, attract more buyers and sell your property for top dollar.

At Today’s Designer Kitchens in St. Catharines, we have assisted many sellers in upgrading their kitchen for resale purposes.

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About Today’s Designer Kitchens

We are a full service kitchen design, supply and installation team located in St. Catharines, ON.

We specialize in high quality, low priced kitchen solutions with a fast turnaround time.

Our showroom is open 9-5 pm M-F located at 239 Carlton Street Unit#1, St. Catharines.

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Fall is the BEST Time to Renovate the Kitchen – Here’s Why…

Step Shaker Brilliant White Kitchen
Fall Renovation

Many homeowners believe that summer is the best time of the year for a renovation project, but, the reality is that fall is actually the best time to remodel the kitchen. Here’s why:

The Weather is Ideal

While you may find it a little chilly, most contractors prefer to undertake kitchen renovation projects in the autumn due to its optimal weather conditions. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and spring is too rainy – fall is just right! In fact, fall conditions are ideal for installing wood or tile flooring which are affected by temperature.

The temperature also is ideal for cabinetry and any materials that are affected by expansion and contraction due to the climate.

Antique White Kitchen
CLASSIC STYLE – An Antique White Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

Contractor Demand is Generally Less

Because many renovate in the warmer months, demand for products and contractor services is generally less meaning a faster turnaround for most projects. Your renovation time will likely be cut in half by renovating in the fall.

Step Charcoal Grey Kitchen
Step Charcoal Grey Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

You’re Spending More Time At Home

With colder temperatures comes more time indoors and dinners around the kitchen table. Getting a project completed during the fall means your home is ready to enjoy during the season ahead when you will be spending more time inside.

SIMPLE MINIMALIST STYLE – A Bermuda White Kitchen by Today’s Designer Kitchens

The Holidays Are Approaching

If your kitchen is no longer pulling its’ weight and isn’t as functional as it once was, fall is the perfect season to remodel your kitchen and get you ready for the holiday season and entertaining. PLUS, you’ll get to start the new year off with a fresh new kitchen space.

Wrap Up

If you are considering renovating the kitchen, now is an excellent time to take advantage of the fall season.

The team at Today’s Designer Kitchens located in St. Catharines will be happy to guide you during all the steps of your project to ease your mind throughout the project. Do not hesitate to contact our team and get a quote for your renovation work.

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8 Reasons To Redo Your Kitchen

Step Shaker White Kitchen – Today’s Designer Kitchens

If your kitchen isn’t working for you consider these 8 factors that may be reason for you to consider a redo in this important space once and for all.


Maybe you’ve tried repainting cabinets, replacing hardware, or switching up appliances. Or, you could have tried smaller jobs like painting the walls or buying new window treatments. If whatever you have tried isn’t doing the trick, considering putting an end to spending on the little things and instead making an investment that will cost more but in the long run give you so much more back.


Galley Kitchen
GOOD WORKFLOW – A Step Charcoal Grey Galley Kitchen – Today’s Designer Kitchens

Tripping over yourself or others in the kitchen space? Not able to easily access what you need while cooking or entertaining? Your kitchen may not be set up ideally for you — time to consider a refresh when the layout is not working for your needs.


At some point a kitchen not only looks dated, but because of its age it does not function optimally. Think cupboards that don’t open and close effectively, appliances that have issues, lighting that is dim and dated in appearance. All these aspects may indicate that a renovation would be a wise choice aesthetically and functionally.


A well-done kitchen renovation will add value to your home if you sell AND add value to your everyday life as long as you live there. Think about it, you are in your kitchen every day, that alone means there’s a lot of value to you personally in investing in a renovation.


SMALL CAN BE BEAUTIFUL – Bermuda White Kitchen Install by Today’s Designer Kitchens

Even if you’re keeping the same square footage, a renovation can add more space! Through improved cabinetry, better appliances, and careful planning, you will find you have much more room.


Kids leaving home? Parent moving in? If you’re experiencing a life change your house may need to change too, and that includes your kitchen.


There have been countless improvements and innovations in kitchen technology from appliances to lighting to cabinetry.

LED lights mean no more replacing lightbulbs plus energy efficiency.

5 Star Energy Rated Appliances also mean more energy efficiency.

Taps with water flow technology mean less water can be used.

Cupboards with soft close hinges and durable HDF materials will look amazing and last for longer than ever in a kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinetry which was once extremely cost prohibitive is now mass manufactured and made of a variety of materials that brings the cost down significantly while maintaining a high end look and functionality.

When you work with an experienced kitchen renovation company your costs will be further minimized because they are able to buy in bulk, know how to customize stock cabinetry for any space and have access to surplus materials on hand which will save time and money on a renovation project.

Overall there are lots of reasons why remodeling a kitchen is something to consider. If you need assistance our team at Today’s Designer Kitchens would be happy to answer your questions or even come to your home for a free in home consultation and quote.

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Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen – The Right Choice for You?

A Fog Grey Kitchen with Hardwood Floors/Today’s Designer Kitchens

If you are renovating a kitchen, you may be considering the popular choice of hardwood floors, but are they right for you?

Hardwood flooring has become increasingly a popular choice in a kitchen remodel and creates a gorgeous look but there are some key considerations before choosing it over other flooring products so let’s explore.

The Pros of Hardwood:

-looks great

-can be refinished

-increases home value

-softer, warmer than tile

-can be reasonably priced

-can usually be installed quicker than traditional flooring like tiles

The Cons of Hardwood:

-susceptible to water damage, scratches, dents

-higher maintenance

-hard for DIYers to install

-can be expensive

Not all Hardwoods are Created Equal

If you have decided to install hardwood, note that oak, maple, and cherry, are the most durable. Softwoods, such as pine, will dent—even if treated with a penetrating finish.

Also, lighter colours will often be more forgiving than darker colours when it comes to dirt. Patterns in the wood also help naturally camoflauge daily use.

Tough Enough?

When treated right, hardwood floors last a lifetime. But beware of pets’ claws and high heels, never leave standing water, and consider window treatments to limit sunlight.

How to Clean:

Wipe up spills immediately. Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly and occasionally wipe the surface with a damp mop or cloth. Avoid oil-based sprays, waxes, and polishes, as well as abrasive cleansers.

Good Alternatives

Luxury Vinyl Planks are one of our top products that we sell to our customers that want the look of a hardwood floor but need something that is water-moisture-mold-and mildew resistant, as well as impervious to stains and more cost effective.

Tarkett Cerused Oak Powder Luxury Planks / Today’s Designer Kitchens

Final Thoughts

Hardwood flooring is a good choice for your kitchen if you can afford it, are willing to be diligent about caring for it, and want the appeal of a natural flooring material.

It will be a less successful choice if you have a busy, messy family and are on a tight budget in which case an alternative like luxury vinyl may be worth considering.

If you need help renovating your kitchen from floor to ceiling in the Niagara Region please fill out the form below for a fast free in-home quote from the experts at Today’s Designer Kitchens. We design, supply and install for less.


3 Types of Lighting Every Kitchen Needs

Kitchen Cabinets
Grey Kitchen By Today’s with 3 Lighting Features

We will examine the 3 most important types of lighting every kitchen needs because proper lighting is crucial for not only function but beauty!

  1. Ambient (pot lights in picture above): This will be your main source of light—whether in addition to natural light, or to fill in for lack of it. You want to cast as much of it as evenly as possible from your ceiling. You can do so with a combination of different lights that suit your taste.
  2. Task (under cabinet lights in picture above) : While ambient lighting is used to illuminate the entire kitchen, it often leaves shadows in areas that require more focus. With the help of task lighting, work surfaces and cabinetry are properly illuminated so you can safely prepare meals, read recipes, and easily spot ingredients on a shelf. Common kitchen task lighting options include strip lights and puck lights.
  3. Accent (hanging pendant lights in picture above) : Consider these flourishes the cherry on top of your well-designed kitchen: toe kick lights, cabinet lights and any other light that might accentuate your favorite elements. They also might cross over into ambient and task lighting as well.

Get Expert Advice on Your Kitchen Lighting and Design

If you are considering a remodel on your kitchen, the good news is that fantastic lighting is one of the most inexpensive yet rewarding aspects of the project.

Need assistance planning your new kitchen? Our expert renovators cans assist you in the design, supply and installation of everything. From floor to ceiling we do it all with just one call. It all starts with a free in home estimate.

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Countertops – The Best Surfaces for Minimizing Germs in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen countertops get a lot of use and with the right surface you can minimize germs and keep the space clean and safe for everyone.

Many beautiful materials, including wood and natural stone that are used for counters are porous which mean bacteria can flourish. It is for this reason we recommend a non-porous countertop surface for your kitchen. Beyond being free of naturally occuring cracks or fissures, these surfaces not prone to etching, staining or divots (all signs of softer, more porous surfaces). So let’s explore:


A Classic Calacatta Quartz Counter – Today’s Designer Kitchens

Quartz is one of the most durable and hygienic countertop surfaces made from a mixture of natural minerals held together using polymers and resin. It’s non-porous and easy to maintain with a non-abrasive cleaning cloth with soap and water.


Corian – Solid Surface Counters – Today’s Designer Kitchens

Corian® a solid surface counter, was developed by DuPont™ over 40 years ago by blending pure acrylic resin with natural minerals. It’s grout-free design make cleaning and maintenance easy plus it’s non-porous and stain resistant. All that is required for cleaning is a soft, cotton cloth and warm, soapy water. They are also ultra-durable, repairable and heat and blade resistant.


Laminates have come a long way and offer a high-end look at an affordable price and although they can be disinfected easily to decrease germs it must be remembered that there are seams. If excessive amounts of water are left on laminate countertops, especially near any seams, the countertop may swell and create more opportunities for bacteria, fungus or mold. So, a great economical choice that can be kept super clean IF you are careful with maintenance.

4 inch backsplash
Laminate Counters – Today’s Designer Kitchens


Granite is a very popular counter choice and is a good germ free selection ONLY if it is properly sealed to reduce porousness. Professional sealing does more than maintain granite countertops’ natural beauty; it helps prevent harmful bacteria and other germs. Granite must also be cleaned with care and harsh chemicals will ruin it.

Granite – Today’s Designer Kitchens

Wrap Up – No matter what countertop material you currently have in your kitchen or are looking to install, we always recommend that you follow the appropriate proper care and maintenance guidelines and hope this overview has been helpful.

For all your kitchen renovation needs, our team at Today’s Designer Kitchens in St. Catharines would be pleased to answer your questions, make suggestions, or even visit you home for a free consultation if you are looking to remodel.

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Kitchen Renovation: The Four Most Important Things

If you’ve been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen, here are four key things you need to consider to make your project a success.

  1. Layout

The layout of your kitchen is the most important part of your kitchen remodel.

Since kitchens are used a lot, it is important that the workflow is efficient and works for your needs. A key element here is to use the “work triangle” which takes into consideration the the efficiency between the three major kitchen appliances: the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove. The “work triangle” is a great tool to use when planning your kitchen layout. (see below)

  1. Materials and Finishes

Budget comes into play with the materials and finishes you use, but remember spending more is not always necessary to get the look you want.

Major decisions that need to be made for a kitchen remodel include: countertop material, cabinetry, and flooring. Material options can dramatically range in prices, so it is important to do your research on each option.

Some popular countertop materials include granite, quartz, laminate, concrete, and marble. Flooring options range from ceramic tile, hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, among many others. Cabinets are also available in a wide range of materials including: solid wood, plywood panel, aluminum, wood veneer, and polyethylene.

(Below a galley style kitchen finished in economical Step Shaker White Cabinets made of durable High Density Fibreboard.

Step Shaker White Galley Kitchen
Step Shaker White Galley Kitchen
  1. Lighting

We can’t always have ideal window lighting in a kitchen but we can add brightness with proper light installation.

Kitchens require lots of light for safety when cooking and lighting can set the tone for the entire space (making it important from a design perspective).

There are many lighting options for your kitchen including can lights, pendant lights over a bar/breakfast bar area, and under-cabinet lighting. Lighting is also a good way to make some energy-efficient choices through choosing LED or fluorescent bulbs.

  1. The Small Things Make a Big Impact

The smaller things, ie. finishing touches can make or break a space.

Some finishing touches to keep in mind are: paint colour, seating options, backsplash, as well as other decorative items like pictures, shelving or plants.

A good rule of thumb is to contrast your cabinet colour with your paint colour to add some dimension to your space.

Your backsplash should contrast with your cabinet and countertop, as well as to add visual interest to the space. Of course if you prefer muted tones, you can switch this up.

The finishing touches of the space are a great place to let your personality shine through.

(Below a traditional white subway tile is inexpensive yet packs a punch when set against the dark Step Charcoal Grey Cabinets. The mix and match countertops add visual interest and personality to the kitchen space).

Galley Kitchen
Step Charcoal Grey Galley Kitchen

There are many factors that have to be considered in a kitchen remodel, including: layout, materials, lighting, and the finishing touches.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A kitchen remodel can be an overwhelming and stressful project if it is not planned out, which is why it is important to consider getting a professional’s opinion and guidance.

At Today’s Designer Kitchens, we specialize in the design, supply and installation processes of kitchens across the Niagara Region at unbeatable prices with a fast turnaround.

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About Today’s Designer Kitchens

Today’s Designer Kitchen was created with a vision to give customers: high quality full service kitchen renovations that are affordable and stress free.

Today’s Designer Kitchens and Twoday’s Bathrooms have been providing quality home renovations to the Niagara Region for over 10 years and guarantee their customers the best renovation experience at the most competitive prices in the market.

We undertake work in all scopes and budget ranges.

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