Kitchen Design – Four Things to Avoid

Kitchen design is an important first step before renovating and it takes a lot of careful planning, so, here are four things to avoid in that process to ensure a great outcome.


Storage is priority in a kitchen and ensures that it is functional and organized.

When designing a kitchen, it is crucial to not skimp on storage and utilize as much space as your home will allow. A kitchen lacking storage will become tricky to manage and you don’t want to worry about finding a spot for your most-used kitchen items. Especially in smaller kitchens, making use of all space is going to be incredibly important to ensure all of your items are easily stored.

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There are established ways to set up a kitchen called work triangles within a kitchen layout (see our post HERE). Work triangles give an easy flow to all the things you need in this space. Consider appliance placement, and how this flow will affect your basic kitchen functions. Your sink, stove, and refrigerator appliances should be free of obstruction and placed in such a way that allows free movement from each. Placing the three properly forms the kitchen triangle, which should never be dismissed.

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Even if you think you don’t need that much counter space, remember how quickly our counters can become cluttered with other everyday items such as coffee makers, toasters, and other smaller appliances. How much prep space does that leave you for actually preparing your meals? Not taking this into consideration can leave you feeling cluttered and disorganized. If possible, try to allow for as much counter space as possible in the design of your kitchen. If an island is not an option, consider an additional corner of cabinets and counters to allow for more storage.


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Yes, you may think you know exactly what you want for your kitchen, but, there are many details that can be quickly overlooked when not working with an experienced designer/installer that can cost you both time AND money.

At Today’s Designer Kitchens, we not only offer FREE home consultations before your kitchen renovation, but one of our experts will also make suggestions to ensure a great outcome.

No matter the size or budget of your kitchen, we are here to take it on and ensure that no detail is overlooked. We have remodeled hundreds of kitchens and our expertise will help you get what you want and need. From measurement to great communication our team ensures that your kitchen project will be amazing with our streamlined design, supply and install process.

We are booking now for fall, so please reach out and schedule your home consultation today.

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The team of professionals at Today’s Designer Kitchens are dedicated to bringing high quality full service kitchen renovations that are affordable beautiful and functional.

We undertake work in all scopes and budget ranges and provide  a full service kitchen solution from floor to ceiling.

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